About Us

beauty copywriter


I’m Kj or Krish!

When I’m not creating videos, facilitating yoga, ice bath & breathwork, or adventuring…

I help brands tell their stories, build strategies, 

and maintain profitable relationships 

through CONVERSION focused ADS & COPY. 

I write conversion Copy for brands that do good and make people feel good.

My experience working in brand marketing for the past decade has taught me a ton about creating messaging that excites people and keeps customers coming back for more.

I love telling stories, but also believe they need to be backed conversion copywriting strategy to really bring you results.

Helping businesses and solo entrepreneurs bring their brand voice to life and stand out through words is my passion. No seriously, I like it as much as making healthy casseroles (just me??).

So Why Me?

My background has allowed me to create in a variety of settings— on stage, on the yoga mat, and on paper (ok, online, but it’s less poetic).

I’ve written everything from articles and blog posts to product descriptions, email campaigns and brand copy.

My mantra: Great copy creates authentic connection.

I’m Right For You If…

YOU’RE an established beauty and wellness brand or entrepreneur that knows your stuff and wants a strategic partner with serious marketing chops that knows how to connect the dots.

YOU’RE great at talking about what you do, but don’t know how to articulate it in words that land and get clicks.

YOU’RE ready to change lives and want to stand out from the crowd but feel stuck in redundant cliches about “transformation” and “finding your tribe.”

Words from Fans

"After Krish revamped our e-commerce landing page, the transformation was remarkable. The site went from generic to genuinely captivating. The best part? Our sales figures post-revamp are proof of her expertise. It's not just copy; it's a strategic move towards increased revenue for our funnels. - LB"

"When Krish took over our email campaigns, we witnessed an increase after first 3 emails. Her unique blend of brand storytelling and conversion focus resulted in a significant uptick in our click-through rates.- AB"

"Her touch on our product descriptions made all the difference. Not only did they become more engaging, but they also drove sales results we expected. She's very reliable in giving options navigating SEO and brand tone of voice. - KA"

Ready to create beautiful healthy conversation through authentic copy?

Let’s create some beautiful and healthy conversations.

Get in touch with me and find out how working with a beauty copywriter can benefit your business.